Tim Bishop Brown native of Portland, Oregon moved to Pomona, California 1973

At the age of 11 (1975) He was gifted to learn and play the piano by ear. Soon thereafter he began playing for churches and church choirs all over Pomona and Los Angeles.


1980 he was hired as musician/pianist for Bishop CE Simmons and the Biblical Gospel Singers of Indio, California. He toured and traveled with them throughout the country playing their hit song written by Bishop Simmons..,,,"I Don't Know What You Come To Do"- 



1990 Bishop was hit with a devastating tragedy. He was stabbed multiple times, which resulted in a punctured lung, bruised spinal cord not able to walk or talk.

After God spared his life 4 years later (March 5, 1994) he formed Miracle Mass Choir.

He's recorded 5 cds with Miracle Mass Choir:

1- A Miracle; My Testimony 

2- Awesome God

3- He's Done Enough

4- The Miracle Experience 

5- My God

He has either written for, worked with appeared on stage with the following

*Andre Crouch 

*Ricky Dillard & New G

*Michael Jackson 

*Ami Rushes

*Bishop Hezekiah Walker 

*James Hall

*James Cleveland 

*Pastor Shirley Caesar

*Pastor Donnje McClurkin

*Tevin Campbell 

*Phillip Bailey 

*Daryl Coley

*Natalie Cole

*The Williams Brothers

*The Canton Spirituals

*Lee Williams 

*Pastor Beverly Crawford 

*Karen Clark-Sheard

*Dorinda Clark-Cole

and the list definitely goes on.


"He's Done Enough"

went #3 Billboard Gospel Charts twice.

Miracle Mass Choir & Beverly Crawford.


"Genita Pugh" 

•Holy To The Lamb Of God

(TBB writer)


"Beverly Crawford"

•He's Done Enough

•It's So

(TBB writer)


"CeCe Godbolt"

•My God Takes Good Care If Me

•Well Done 

•Help Me

•I Need Jesus

•It Won't Rain Always

•We Worship Him

(TBB writer/producer)


"Lady Mary Floyd"

•Two Wings

•You Said

•The Sun Will Shine Again

(TBB writer/producer)


"Zaneta "Motha" Brown

•Help Me

•I Am He

•I Got Away

•Bless The Lord

•Have Your Way

•Lord Fix It

(TBB writer/producer)


"GMWA Youth New Orleans"


(TBB writer)

In December 2018 Tim Bishop Brown received a Life Time Achievement Award from the

Los Angeles Gospel Music Awards

August 2019 received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Sacred Music after 44 Years in the Gospel Music Industry

Noted/Named and deemed BMI's top ten writer in 2009 for the song "He's Done Enough"

Because of such songs, TBB was contacted by Pastor Andre Crouch to sing on Michael Jackson's last album "Invincible"