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Tim Bishop Brown in "Gospel Flava" 

Tim "Bishop" Brown tells of the how he and his Miracle Mass Choir found themselves singing on Michael Jackson's album, Invincible.


"We (The Miracle Mass Choir and myself) were contacted by a staff member from Pastor Crouch's church to appear at their Annual Street Gospel Party as one of their musical guests.".

"Six months after that event, my manager was contacted again for us to appear at Pastor Andrae Crouch's church this time in a full concert. Again we had "stupid church”. By this time Andrae and Sandra were feeling our ministry. Our last song was the title cut of our latest CD, "He’s Done Enough" (see album review) led by my sister "Nee-Nee". (We call her "Motha".)"

"So a month thereafter, they contacted our manager again just for my sister to come and do a concert. She went and asked me along with two more of my choir members to come and back her up. Needless to say, .once more we had "stupid church”."

"Two days after that, a staff member called me to say Pastor Crouch was hand picking singers to do a couple of tracks on Michael Jackson's next project."

"We were first shocked, and then excited and overwhelmed in happiness. We did the session the next day. One of the tunes we did is the song titled "Speechless"."

"Michael was not there; he was in New he called and remained on the phone for the entire session. It took us three hours to do twelve intricate parts. Michael is incredible as well as Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch. We thanked them for the opportunity."

"We're humbly grateful for the things God is doing. I'm amazed at God's awesomeness. For He's all that and a bag of Holy Ghost. Trust me, He Is!"

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